1. Sören

    There is also a german version from the WordCamp Germany 2011 (Cologne, September 24.). Great idea, funny game!

  2. Very cool! I think I missed four. :)

    A couple of pedantic nits:

    HistoryPress for 300, Bonus Question/Answer is wrong. WordPress is licensed under GPL, not specifically under GPL v2.0. That said, most of the time, the distinction is utterly irrelevant.

    Also, HistoryPress for 100: where’s the love for Mike Little? (As co-creator of WordPress, he would have made a far better Bonus Question here.

  3. Well, I think got 4 :·D

    But I see that the GPL answer has been corrected.

  4. I got 3, curse you screenshot.png (my mind went blank!!!)

  5. Great game! I think I missed 3. Got all the Theme questions right though! :)

  6. I’m glad everyone is enjoying the game! It was a lot of fun performing it live and we really would like to see what others can do with the platform. So yes, we do plan on releasing a theme which will allow for you to create your own questions and such. No time on release, but it is in the works. :)

  7. @Jeremy – Pretty close there with ya, I think I missed 2 or 3. There were just a few that I wasn’t sure, but overall, I think nailed it.

    8 years using WordPress, I better have a good understanding it by now ;)

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