1. I have write many plugins and i use the base64-function for inlude images, not as a file, only for include with php; better performance; little bid faster. I dont like your idea for scan the plugin-directory for the base64 function.

  2. realistdreamer

    One idea I had for a site as a service to the WP community was a Google Custom search for plugins and better categorization than tags provide. At 6500 plugins, most of what I find is a waste. They need an advanced search by category, rating, etc. I’m sure they have bigger fish to fry, but anyone (hint, hint) could throw up a Google custom search with labels and filters to get current year, and keyword categories. I find that I need to do that myself to be sure I’ve found everything out there without looking through the many abandoned projects.

  3. it looks like it is possible to show a link in the backend of WordPress during an upgrade which will contain a zipfile of just the changed files for that version.

    This solves my concern that we discussed on Twitter, which means that there won’t be overt promotion of multiple upgrade methods. Having just a link within the administration panel is rather minor.

    Auto upgrade should be the primary upgrade method with uploading only the changed files coming in second. Last would be replacing all of the files.

    It was always my assumption that auto-upgrade was replacing all of the files. If it’s not, does what occurs during an auto-upgrade equate to what occurs with “uploading only the changed files”?

  4. Auto upgrade replaces all the files, and likely will continue to do so. It’s good practice, as it is the best way of ensuring that you have a clean, complete WP install.

    The “changed/added files only zip” can be downloaded manually from Trac by people who cannot use the auto-upgrade, and who don’t want to manually upload an entire WP install when only some of the files have changed. It’s not going to be a canonical upgrade method — it’s just a handy shortcut for a small group of people.

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