1. Viper007Bond who is the guy behind the new oEmbed feature in WordPress 2.9 suggested that there be a way to add support for some more sites out of the box that don’t support oembed.

    Erm, no I didn’t. :)

    I was asking for a bit of a brainstorm of what the popular video sites were so that they could be supported natively by WordPress. Someone else suggested a UI (rather than the existing function call) for being able to add more whitelisted oEmbed providers so non-admins could use them. Completely separate things.

  2. Oh cool! I got a mention on wptavern – yay! I hope my idea is implemented (Lynne Pope, btw – note the “e” ;) ) and would happily submit a patch for it. All that is needed to make it happen is for the WP core team to commit to using the WP-Announcements mailing list to announce new final releases and whether these include security enhancements or not.

    Interesting about the trac voting – are you sure its really ignored?

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