1. The fact that the phrase “Custom Post Types” exists under the heading “WordPress 3.0 Scope” gives me this warm, fuzzy feeling deep inside :)

  2. “While someone jokingly brought up the idea to do a post editor refresh in light of the recent Movable Type news, Jane mentioned 3.1. So it seems as if that’s a possibility down the road.”

    I was just continuing the joke, referencing my earlier statement that all other enhancements/feature requests would have to wait until 3.1. “Taking inspiration” from MT5 would be hard to do, given that it looks just like WP 2.7, but we are planning on doing a little menu/header touch-up with the merge (you may remember we announced this back when we had a design challenge around it, that we would wait for 3.0).

  3. @Jane Wells – The post has been updated. I didn’t know you were continuing the joke :)

    I certainly remember the header competition or vote but forgot that 3.0 was the version it would appear in.

  4. The idea of Matt designing the new default theme is much funnier than the post editor joke.

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