1. I’m liking the new design …

    You’re not losing screen real estate with the login now moved to the bar at the top of the screen; and I find the “blocks” of blogs more enticing to click on than the former text style of links.

    I’m looking at it in a standard 4:3, 1024×768 monitor so that may be affecting the sidebar layout, which I find to be a little “off” but after logging into the site it “fits” better. It might be the layout, or the choice of fonts sizes … or it could just be me ;)

    The random block in the footer area is a nice touch to promote their own sites/apps as in the case of WordPress.tv and the WordPress iPhone app, its not obtrusive and fits the design well.

  2. Thanks for the heads up Jeff. I am digging the new design, looks like they are using a grid. I was also excited to see a screenshot of Vigilance underneath the “Gorgeous Themes” header in the sidebar.

  3. I like it. Wonder if the login/search bar up the top will be made available as a plugin for WordPress.org users.

  4. @Edward Caissie – The one that was included in WPMU for a while was a slight modification of my plugin which is based on the old WordPress.com admin bar look (completely original code though).

  5. Guess I’m the only one who prefers the prior site. It seemed to have better use of white space and I don’t like most of the navigation being located at bottom of page. That seems to depart from typical UI expectations.

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