1. Finally….
    Has anyone tried it yet?

    I actually write my posts on a local install and copy and past into Word to check the spelling.

    When clients send text on a Word document it will be heaven to be able to paste into WordPress and not have to tidy it up.

    Well done the WordPress crew.


  2. Excel charts can’t be pasted in now though. The tinyMCE update has caused the most grief for users so far. Not surprising since it touches on a major workflow area of content editing. Most of the grief comes from plugins and themes that were not updated in time with this release. Also there have been a few cases where previously exposed functionality is either hidden or no longer available. It’ll only be a matter of time before its all addressed and everyone can forget the great WordPress tinyMCE update kerfluffle of 2014 :-)


    • “Excel charts can’t be pasted in now though.”

      What the large print giveth… the fine print taketh away.


  3. It doesn’t personally impact me as I’m not one to post data charts on my site. But I was trying to support some folks on the WordPress forums and was testing out their claim that one couldn’t paste an excel chart into the visual editor now and sure enough, it doesn’t work.


  4. The only reason I can think of using MS Word/Open Office/Libre Office/whatever else… is for the spell check and I am sure there is at least ONE plugin for that among the 30,540 plugins on the land of WordPress.

    One my clients posts on his own site (that I manage), I need to approve it, I get an e-mail on my phone.
    I go check it that there isn’t any spelling errors as his first language is not English.
    Part of the support package he wants. I get paid thus not complaining.

    Keith, curious: why a local install? couldn’t you do it on your live site and install a spell check plugin?


    • Hi @Miroslav
      Local install is only to save on bandwidth and to stop me hitting that big publish button before I’m ready.

      “One my clients posts on his own site”
      How do you deal with any images he upload?
      I optimise my images before I upload but not sure how a client would cope with that.


      • He e-mails them to me.

        Client is a chef, he runs a restaurant (he is owner), restaurant serves food of client/chef’s ethnic background.

        I took photos of all the menu options he has. Very few he takes when he does something new, he will e-mail it to me.

        He likes to blog about his home country. He serves most of the items he blogs about.

        He labels himself as an e-moron that can take photos.

        I am not complaining, I get free food whenever he changes the menu (he cooks items, I take photos, I eat items).


  5. It might not do graphics or charts but I was still blown away by how good this really is:

    May as well quote my comment from https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/27160#comment:4

    I’ve got nothing of value to add to this ticket except to say this is awesome.

    Probably my first, last and only Word 2013 to WordPress posts.

    * ‘Table of Contents’ anchors match and work perfectly eg
    * Tables work perfectly with , , , , etc, even cells left blank are handled perfectly.
    * Imported and converted PDF -> Word 2013 – WordPress post, all good
    * Unordered Lists are fine, using
    * Ordered lists, I had one that didn’t work and an awesome on that did kicking off with
    * 140 page Word 2013 Document ~28,000 words to WordPress, not a single invalid HTML element…
    * 80 page PDF opened in Word 2013, copy and paste to WordPress post, all good
    * 1,000 rows by 30 column CSV (~65k words) open in Excel 2013, copy and paste to WP post, no problem
    * ~250 rows x 15 column Access 2013 to WP post, wow, still no problems

    I started off small then threw anything I could at WordPress, apart from formatting errors where images were in the original document that don’t become part of the WordPress post via copy and paste I could not fault a thing.

    I’d never recommend people to write in Word, Excel, Access and then copy and paste to WordPress, but if someone told me they did I would say “Isn’t it an awesome WYSIWYG experience”


    • Ha! The paste into the comments here though, not so much, check the link at the top of my post ;)


  6. I have a problem with Visual Editor. When I write a post and I insert html code to post same:

    Go to WordPress:

    A post is successful. But when I edit this post and update =>

    Go to WordPress:

    I can not open a new link from “button”.

    Please help me.

    Thank you.


  7. Sorry. My code here:

    Click here to WordPress:

    Well done. A post is successful but When I update post, I see:

    Click here to WordPress:

    Help me. Thank you


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