1. Jordan

    Are there any “average WP user understandable” instructions on how to use them? Did try to find out but didn’t understand a single line of code and how to implement those icons in posts. Maybe it’s only me but not so sure.

      1. Jordan

        All I get at this page is: Forbidden.

  2. There are also undocumented bbpress dashicons which I managed to successfully add to the site I am developing.

    .dashicon-forum:before {
    content: "\f449";

    .dashicon-topic:before {
    content: "\f450";

    .dashicon-reply:before {
    content: "\f451";

    1. I saw those were added in the ticket but didn’t see them in the official announcement post. Thanks for adding those in the comments.

      1. It took some effort to get them to work. In the end I copied the font data to a directory in my child theme and the relevant css to the child theme’s CSS.

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