1. These are all great plugins i have been testing them on my staging site, mp6 will be a huge change for my non technical users but since it is mostly a new look i think they will adjust quickly.

  2. Agree that all four are great although whether all four willbe ready in time remains to be seen. Out of the four, the Omnisearch has got to be the most useful as adds much needed functionality but the other three all improve user experience as well – roll on 3.8 release !

  3. @Paul – It’s the same feature, ported from Jetpack into core. Once (or if) Omnisearch becomes part of core, Jetpack’s Omnisearch will get retired.

  4. Dean

    All are quality additions to WP. I think MP6 would have the broadest benefit for inclusion into core as the speed improvements are significant and would benefit everyone, where as the others are great but may be of more limited appeal.

  5. Some nice inclusions, but I feel that the editor is long overdue for some changes and I know its included in Jetpack, but a contact form should be a core feature…

  6. It’s good to see that they finally got to work on the design of the dashboard! I love all the new features and changes that are coming in the 3.8, also the grid media library is also nice.

    Andor Nagy

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