1. Lucas Soares

    Can anyone send me the link to download it? I can’t find it on the WP site…

  2. Wow – beta release already. The core dev team are on fire this year!

    Hats off to you guys. :)

  3. Lucas Soares

    @David Gwyer – Hey David, thanks for the link but I already have this plugin installed, but it’s not updating to the 3.8 version :/ Is there a direct link to download the .zip file somewhere?

  4. Matt

    Well, this is exciting. How long before I can download and use it with confidence?

  5. I was having the same issue. But after a recent update to the Plugin (just a few days ago) the updates to WP trunk seemed to be working again.

    I updated this morning from an early WP 3.8 release to the new WP 3.8 beta. Try updating the Plugin to the latest version. Other than that you could just SVN checkout the new WordPress core repository:


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