1. Ok. Once 3.7 is out on the street for a month or so, you better show us a plugin or widget that shows off what these advanced queries can do.

  2. this feature is great.
    last week @ work i had to display posts from a specific date (past events) on a specific page and future posts (scheduled) in another. the problem was that the scheduled posts couldn`t be read by subscribers….
    now it is much more easier. thx

    1. chris

      @roscabgdn, i’m trying to do something quite similar on a site. if you have any pointers on how to accomplish this that would be great. i’m especially confused on how to create links to the pages with future and past posts.

      any help is really appreciated!

  3. Hmmm… those examples don’t make it seem like a particularly useful addition. But that said, this is WordPress and I’m sure that someone will prove me wrong in no time.

  4. Yes! I’m sooo looking forward to this feature!

    One of the sites I work on is a newspaper, and it was necessary to display content in specific date dependent ways. For example, the “Breaking News” would only appear a day of it being published (after that it gets moved to general news). As breaking news is rare-ish, it’s quite noticeable when the top of the page features a breaking news story.

    Now, although I could simply write a query to show today’s posts from the “Breaking News” category, that is is only good for that situation. What if I want the last two days? Or what if I want all stories from last week?

    It’s always smarter to write “dumb” code. Code that is generic, that can take any parameters, not hard coded to a specific one.

    So, I figured how hard could it be? Freaking hard! Even with WP’s instructions on injecting clauses into the WHERE statement, it caused no end of trouble. And in fact, is still not working perfectly yet.

    The new date range will be a god send for me and this task. (I haven’t coded it yet simply because of priorities – I mean, my old code is mostly working. :P )

  5. @chris mccoy – Neat! I’m thinking about using a widget that shows a link to a post we published on this date 365 days ago. Looks like that widget would be easy to configure if it tapped into these date queries.

  6. Flick

    I officially declare my love for Viper007Bond … the true M+007 ;) I can’t wait for a decent widget either since I know I won’t be working on any sites with such requirements for now. A plugin that filters dates on the fly for users would be the icing on the cake, although I am sure there is probably one now.

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