1. Didn’t take long this time around compared to other X.X.X versions.

    I agree with not being enough beta testers. More testers are needed to locate bugs before the final release. Seriously thought, it’s not very hard at all to setup a directory within a main site just to test beta versions of WP. More people are needed to nail bugs on the head in various environments.

    Maybe wordpress.org could promote beta testing a bit better? on front page of wordpress.org or something?

  2. I think we could do our part by writing posts about the RCs and tweeting about it. The testers we need to push into this are really the development part of the community, such as plugin and theme authors, because they have the knowledge to pin-point errors and report them correctly. Not that we shouldn’t get the whole community involved.

    I’m going to try to go to more WordPress Dev. Chat on Wednesdays at 9:00 PM GMT.

  3. Dude, 2.8.1 coming out so soon? I have to upgrade over 30 installations……….aaaaaaaargh.

    so why were the bug fixes on 2.8.1 “overlooked” in 2.8? the closer together the releases are, the worse it will look for WordPress
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  4. @Miroslav Glavic – Yeah I agree… More updating. I think it would be safe to only update sites that are having problems with 2.8.

    The reason why these problems were not found before the release of 2.8 is because not enough people are doing beta testing for WP. When the wider public updated to 2.8 that’s when the problems started to show on a bigger scale because more were using 2.8.

  5. Hey, the timetable was right on this time. 2.8.1 beta 1 was released on Saturday night I believe. I’m thinking of moving WPTavern.com to the trunk version of WordPress just to do the testing in line with day to day activities.

  6. @Jeffro – Mucho Thanko – can’t wait to lurk – will jump in if I feel I can add to the conversation.

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