1. The entire WDS team will be there! Can’t wait to see everyone in NYC!

  2. I’ll be there, too. Looking forward to meeting other WordPress folks in person.

  3. @Andrea_R – Hey that will be pretty cool to meet up with the uber husband and wife WPMU team :)

    @Brad – LOL When I get there Brad, I will secretly turn on my recorder and ask questions related to the PHPBB bridge!

    @Miroslav Glavic – Sounds like a good dinner. But I’m sure BBQ will be around somewhere.

  4. See you guys there. I’ll stake out a good karaoke club for the after-party.

  5. @Jeffro – We’re *really* excited to both be going. :D

    Although you’ll all find out who is the real brains behind this outfit. ;)

  6. @Darren Hoyt – I don’t do karaoke but Aaron Brazell I’m sure would be all over that.

    @Andrea_R – Hmm, so I’ll finally figure out who the WPMU Guru actually is.

  7. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to WordCamp NY this year. I’ll be in College Park, Maryland that weekend.
    I do hope to go next year though!

  8. Learned today that Sivel and I will both be crashing at Brads place during the event. This should be fun.

  9. Looks like a drunken podcast is in order! :P

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