1. They truly do! I had to email them during the crisis and received a reply within 5 minutes. Amazing.

  2. srash

    Poorly written, shameless plug; and this makes it millions of peoples dash feeder? When WpTavern was included there, they weren’t writing tweets like this. They should be removed now that they’ve focused on drivel..

  3. I only caught the tail end of the issue, but I agree, they handled it well. I’m curious though, from a non customer service standpoint, if this will have any effect on their business going forward. Any thoughts?

  4. @Brandon – I suspect there may be a minor backlash but nothing too severe. WooThemes has a fairly solid reputation in the WordPress community. Are they perfect? Heck no, none of us are. But they’ll learn from this experience.

    @Jeffro – I for one enjoy the balance of content here. If I want tutorials 24/7 I know where to go. Opinion pieces, especially those that provoke discussion, I enjoy reading even though I don’t often comment. Keep posting the so-called “drivel”.

  5. The thing they didn’t handle very well was raising awareness, imho. There was no proactivity until I finally received an email from them urging me to upgrade my framework. I keep up on news about WP and vulnerabilities and what not, but how many ‘normal’ clients do? An earlier email blast for customers should have been a priority.

  6. *The email notice arrived earlier this evening.

  7. I think the work they are putting into fixing the issue and still helping us little users shows that the business will become even stronger after this event. People will start to tell everyone about the business that wouldn’t stop helping users even when there whole world was caving in on themselves.

    I got lucky and a few days before the attack I downloaded and started running Woo. When I found a problem I went for help and Woo was no longer there! I thought I was lost, but then found this post and found out I can still email them and ask for help! Thats amazing and there product is so good and editable!

  8. Richard Martin

    I have a Woo based site and received the email in morning. There was some confusion as I clicked on the embedded links (one link sent me to a phishing site warning).

    However, I contacted Woo directly and received a response within minutes. They made rapid information releases so that I was able to update my framework without a hitch.

    Given the situation I believe that they did a good job.

    It started me to think about how I need to plan for a similar crisis if it happens on one of my sites.

  9. WooThemes offer really nice themes both premium and free. Its good on their part that they’ve been so caring for their customers. way to go WooThemes!!! Love to be a customer to them.. Hope all the wordpress services take this as an inspiration..

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