1. If you have automatic updates enabled for translations in WordPress you will also receive bbPress & BuddyPress translations automatically. ** :)


    ** Caveat: Functionally this works now, we are waiting on @nacin for some new automation scripts for this to become fully automated rather than a pseudo manual process at the moment.

    1. Those language packs sound good in theory. However, I don’t want to wake up in the morning only to find the language files of my forum or community got updated with the latest the community has “prepared”…

      I believe in open source community but when it comes to translations — actual translating happens fully without context in GlotPress — I rather have good principles, concept and all from one source (or a small team), than so many different translation/language styles in one project translation!

      (Not to speak about custom translations, though… The second most common request I get for projects like WooCommerce, bbPress, BuddyPress, you name it…)

      1. Thanks for the reply David, you do have an awesome collection of translations on your site.

        I am not entirely sure of what the future holds for automatic translation updates but there may end up a way so you could link to your translations so any users of your translations could receive these via auto updates if you wanted to offer this.

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