1. This is a great idea for a series!

    I know how you feel Len, there’s never enough time to work on all of your own projects. It’s too bad you didn’t make it to WordCamp Winnipeg, I drove up from Minnesota and Ian and the rest of the organizers did an awesome job on their first WordCamp.

    I had a lot of fun hanging out in Winnipeg and I’ll definitely be back.

  2. @JLeuze – Thanks Josh, Every time I read “real life” in Len’s responses, it triggered the feelings I had about 2 years ago with WPTavern. On the cusp of really expanding the site but real life decided not to allow me to do that. But at least everything worked out. Josh, you’re on the list so prepare for some questions :)

  3. @Jeffro – Real life has a way of doing that, the kids don’t accept “Daddy’s blogging” as a valid excuse for anything!

    Sounds good Jeff, I’ll be prepared!

  4. @JLeuze -Crap! I didn’t know you were driving up here Josh. Yet another reason I should have gone. I have to make time for the next one.

    @Jeffro -Isn’t it a pain in the you-know-what when reality keeps getting in the way? ;)

  5. @Len -Ha! A few of us Minnesotans snuck across the border to check it out, I’ll definitely be back next year.

  6. Super-cool to see Len interviewed. I remember thinking when I met him, “Wait — the WPCanada guy lives in Winnipeg? How cool is that?”

    Hopefully we can see you out at a meetup again, Len. We’re still in the pub talking about WordPress over pints when you get off work. :)

  7. Great series, we want more! :)

    Thanks for sharing your stories Len, I only knew you as great person in Genesis Framework community. Hope you’ll be releasing more great child themes.

  8. @Ian Stewart -You thought that was cool? Imagine my thoughts when I finally met Mr. WordPress Themes himself. :)

  9. Hi Len!

    Your Internet experience with starting with free hosts were not much different from my own…though I got to WordPress a lot earlier. I am sure you have some fun memories of the GeoCities and Tripod days…lol. I was part of the preservation project when GeoCities finally closed… unfortunate of it to have closed as well.

    It is awesome to read about your WordPress experience. I love to hear such experiences as yours, as it makes me remember those times… good times. :) Thank you!

  10. Len

    @Nile – There is probably a bunch of us who followed a similar path. :)

    I remember that effort to somehow preserve/archive GeoCities. You were involved with that? Cool. I don’t even remember the URL (or name) of my old site.

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