1. Couldn’t agree more, Jeff is the voice (even though he’ll never admit it) and I’m glad to see him fill that role. He really has a passion for WordPress and understands both sides of the fence for developers and users.

  2. @Brad – Heh, you’re right, I’ll never admit to it but I am humbled by Andrew’s post. The way he explains how I never asked to be in this position is dead on. The stars just sort of aligned and I’m only now grabbing the bull by the horns. We’ll have to see how this all turns out but I’m grateful to have people such as Andrew, Yourself and others along for the ride.

  3. A really well written piece Andrew, well done. And I fully agree with your conclusion too. I think WPTavern will grow into a valuable WordPress community, because a community will always gravitate towards its natural leaders, those who will look out for them. Jeff is one such leader, and many of us are grateful for that. And besides, the drinks are always on the house!

  4. Nice post Andrew.

    WP Tavern sure is looking like the new hotspot for WordPress users, both noobs and experts alike.

  5. @Jeffro – You? Leader? When did this happen? :P

    Great writing though, and couldn’t agree more with the content too.

  6. Just saw this for the first time: Andrew is hits the nail on the head as usual!

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