1. Aww… thanks for the mention- Jeff. Glad you liked the coverage. I’m a bit disappointed on the audio quality as well, but it should all be up on WordPress.TV regardless anyway.

  2. @Dave Moyer – Yeah, although a group of us were talking about the stream both in your Ustream chat room and the forum chat room. We did start a retweet a thon giving the stream more coverage heh.

  3. Glad to hear BuddyPress is becoming available to self hosted blogs. News on the widget management progress is also great! Can’t wait to see what the foundation looks like.

  4. It’s good to hear that Trac is going to include more things that us non-programmers can contribute to!

  5. Excellent news about BuddyPress! While I love MU, getting BuddyPress to run on standard WordPress will really help it reach the masses.

    I really enjoy working with BuddyPress and can’t wait to work with this release when it comes out!

    I caught some of the video interviews done in Denver, really fun to watch Dave and Lorelle chat with attendees while we discussed at the Tavern haha!

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