1. That’s one heck of an offer!

    He seems like one hell of a a generous person.

  2. I’ve been following Kwim.me for a while now. Great place to check out every once and a while for PSD designs.

    I think it’s very cool what he’s doing, although I wonder if he’s going to get back into the WordPress game again?

  3. Cool. He should really make a comeback. Or maybe he’s happy whereever he is right now.

  4. i have 4 redesign requests lined up already. please make sure the blog you’re trying to redesign belongs to you. this offer is for personal blog owners only, not design companies ;).

  5. first redesign done.

    hey jeff, let me know if you want to turn these redesigns into a new series on wptavern. i’ll put together a detailed post for each redesign.

  6. Wow, SP’s designs are beautiful. He’s a talented guy

  7. i’m still doing free re-designs, but i have about 2-3 months worth of re-designs to do.

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