1. Thanks for posting my post Jeff :)

    BTW, the title was supposed to have a question mark at the end.

  2. @Leland – Heh, yeah that is the same plugin. I hadn’t seen that site before actually but I had heard that it was being developed. Thanks for pointing it out :)

  3. @Ryan – Thank you for writing it. Perhaps it’s just me, but can you see the Codex moving off of media wiki to perhaps a custom WordPress install which is more oriented towards being a codex. It already has post revisions built in.

  4. @Jeffro – Yeah, I could see that happening eventually. I suspect they’ll hold off until either this plugin or a similar one is proven to be up to the task of running the codex.

    I do find it bizarre that the official WordPress shop is not powered by WordPress … http://shop.wordpress.net/world/. All they need to do is install the WP e-Commerce plugin to a bog standard WP install and bam! you have a WordPress powered e-Commerce store. Using another piece of software to power the site just seems wrong to me.

  5. @Ryan – thanks for the post / write up. Since launch we’ve almost had 4000 downloads and its only been a couple of months. I think this is pretty cool and quite clearly shows that WordPress users want to be able to use this stuff.

    Also you mention that it lacks some common Wiki functionality but you don’t mention what. It would be helpful for us to know what you mean by that – the more people that tell us what they want the easier it is for us to improve WP Wiki :)

    @Leland – WordPress has been used for more then just traditional blogs for longer then I can remember :P

    If you want a Wiki then it makes more sense to use WordPress + WP Wiki Plugin then it does to use Media Wiki – which in contrast is old skool and hard to use.

    I agree. It makes perfect sense for documentation sites and there are lots of those about :P

    @all – The next release will come with a Wiki Settings page (WordPress admin > settings > Wiki) where admin users can set the number of revisions to show on a page or post and turn on email alerts whereby administrators are sent an email when somebody changes a Wiki Editable page. This version is coming out real soon :)

  6. yeah.. too hard to work with media wiki.. hope is have a simple installation like other wp plugins.
    BTW great review.

  7. Grace

    Yes, Media Wiki is very difficult to work with! Thank goodness there is an alternative for us non geeks!. :)

  8. Unfortunately this plugin doesn’t work on WordPress 2.8 and higher. :(

  9. Yeah. WP 2.8.x killed it. Been struggling to find a work around, or anybody else who has successfully deployed wp-wiki. No luck.

  10. Hi Guys,
    I am a developer working for Dan on some of the great plugins on offer, including wp-wiki.
    I have been using wp-wiki with wordpress 2.8.4 for a project, I can vouch it does work in wordpress 2.8 but have noticed numerous plugin conflicts which I will address when I get sometime. If you need help with the plugin and getting it working, please send me an email,[dev[at]instinct.co.nz] and I will try my best to help you out as soon as possible.

    your friendly wordpress geek,
    Jeffry G

  11. @Nikko and @chris – I’ve got it working with WordPress 2.8.4. What exactly are the issues you are having with the WP Wiki plugin? Can you both provide more details? “Doesn’t work” and “killed it” aren’t enough for anyone to be able to help you troubleshoot the problems.

  12. Mark

    I have a quick question. When I check off the option to make a page or post wiki friendly, then a someone with the “wiki editor” privilege can edit the page, so far so good. The issue that I have is that the option to make the page/post wiki friendly is still available to the wiki editor, and if they deselect the box to make the page/post wiki friendly, then the post can no longer be edited until the administrator makes the post wiki friendly again. Is there a way to only allow the admin to select which pages are wiki friendly?

  13. This is a really useful plugin. I will be conducting a college class next semester and I was planning on using wiki to help teach it. Instead, I may use my all time favorite…Wordpress!


  14. Dex


    I have the same problem as Mark. Besides, when a wiki editor enter the panel control he has access to all post (being them wiki or not wiki editable), another problem is that the wiki editor can see, edit and remove comments of a post!!

    I need to constrain the capabilities of a wiki editor. Does somebody know how to do it??

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