1. Just upgraded! I’m excited to see the spotify embed support, I can make some good use of that. Now to wait for Genesis’ release.

  2. For some the tears of joy are going to be mixed liberally with tears of sadness. Not so much at the passing of previous versions now that v3.6 is here, not so much at the fact that v3.7 and v3.8 are going to follow hard on its heels and mean more learning processes, but over the loss – unheralded, unnoticed, unremarked in the long list of Improvements – of the spellchecker, that bastion of assistance so many people relied on in the past.

    Time to read what you write before publishing, folks!

  3. So nice. I’ve upgrade to 3.6. Looking forward to 3.7 and 3.8

  4. Marcus Couch

    There goes my weekend. Upgrading 300 sites and making sure everything still works.

  5. Updating my comment above: the spellchecker has only disappeared on one of my sites, so perhaps the rest of the world will be lucky and be able to get their literary talents published without bothering to check and edit!

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