1. In the future, the team plans to add a Windows installer, followed by support for PHPMyAdmin.

    The Windows installer and PHPMyAdmin support are already there :) PHPMyAdmin is a little hidden still, but if you go to http://vip.dev/phpmyadmin, it will take you there.

  2. Mike Perlman

    LOL, I asked on the wp.com announcement if this was available for non wp.com users. I never received a reply to the comment, but I guess this shows someone read it.

  3. I’m looking forward to road testing this. I’m also curious about adapting/hardening this for production use – any comments on that?

  4. I installed this last week. It’s brutally slow in comparison to just running a similar setup natively on your machine, but at least you know it’s a good replica of their setup.

  5. Andreas Nurbo

    @Ryan Hellyer – Using NFS instead of symlinks is also good. Though I havent noticed any issues with using vagrant with virtualbox and slowness.

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