1. This is awesome! I wish I could get it to work…. when I get to booting the box up (vagrant up), it just gives me a repeating error “Connection timeout”. :(

    1. I get this problem too. You have to load the virtual box from the virtual box app GUI, login and type sudo update-grub. Shut it down and you shouldn’t have this issue from now on.

  2. I’ve been using VagrantPress for a while now. One thing I’m confused/frustrated with is dealing with multiple installs. I’ve been copying/renaming the vagrantpress folder but this doesn’t seem like a very elegant solution.

    1. The nice thing about VVV is you can provision new installs in seconds using the Auto site setup, https://github.com/varying-vagrant-vagrants/vvv/wiki/Auto-site-Setup.

      It looks like Vagrantpress just uses the localhost domain which makes it impossible to run multiple installations with custom domain names. I think VagrantPress is more of a lightweight solution for theme and plugin authors and not really geared toward building custom sites.

  3. The last comment is correct – Vagrantpress was initially my crack at an environment to do some simple theme development without a lot of the overhead of setting up other environments. Now that I do production support and server provisioning for “many” WordPress sites, I’m going to be incorporating some of that knowledge into the Vagrantpress product: my day to day needs are not development focused, but rather in automating the provisioning / maintenance of many WordPress installs. I hope you’ll see some of those changes in the project in the coming weeks.

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