Updates to VaultPress Result In 25%-90% Faster Restore Builds

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VaultPress has announced that a recent update to their backup systems have reduced the time required to build restore files by anywhere from 25%-90%. Before the change, VaultPress stored each SQL row in a separate file in its replicated file system which slowed down restore times.

Before the VaultPress update, we were storing each SQL row in a separate file in our replicated filesystem. That slowed our restore times, because each table had to be regenerated from potentially millions of individual files.

Now we store table dumps and changes, building a restore typically involves far fewer files per table.

To go along with the decrease in restore times, the post also explains how the service works. If you’d like to try out VaultPress for free, consider using their five day trial period through Jetpack. If VaultPress has brought your site back from a disaster, share your story in the comments.

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