1. Geez! Everything but what I want help with…

    I want to know very simply: How do I upload pictures into a specific album?

    Step 1 Open ….. you will see…. take your cursor and click on….

    Step 2 take your cursor and click on … then you will see this screen… then click on… etc etc.

    Step 3

    Step 4

    How do I crop the thumbnails so that peoples heads aren’t chopped off?

    How do I arrange the pics in each album (gallery) in the order I want?
    I have been hours at this and simply cannot find simple instructions with clear language on how to do this?

    Too much gobbledygook nomenclature.

    Videos don’t help much either.

    Please help with language for idiots like me.




    1. I think you’re misunderstanding the post and the Troubleshooting Handbook. It’s geared towards those who are providing support on the forums more so than being a guide for general troubleshooting for endusers.

      As for cropping photos that don’t chop off people’s heads, you may be interested in this plugin Sarah Gooding covered a few weeks ago. http://wptavern.com/my-eyes-are-up-here-a-wordpress-plugin-with-automatic-face-detection-for-generating-cropped-thumbnails


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