This Week On WPWeekly – Swiftype

On this weeks edition of WordPress Weekly, Swiftype will be our special guest. I reviewed their plugin/service back in May. We plan on talking about why the search in WordPress is not as good as it should be, what makes search hard, the performance impacts of search and of course, the benefits of using search as a service versus the sites database. We’ll also cover the headlines of the week. If you have any questions about WordPress search, search, or Swiftype in particular, please place them in the comments. The show will air live this Friday at 9P.M. Eastern time and you can follow along via the WPWeekly Podcast page.

Who is Jeff Chandler

Jeff Chandler is a WordPress guy in the buckeye state. Contributing writer for WPTavern. Have been writing about WordPress since 2007. Host of the WordPress Weekly Podcast.