1. Will there be any ability to vote for BuddyPress features that will be implemented in the next release? I understand that there is a dev chat, bpdevel blog, but that is more like one (dev) to many (users) conversation, not many to one.
    I’m not talking particularly about the 1.9, but in general. Like this: 1.9 is released, a list of new things to implement is formed and polldaddy (or whatever) is used to create a survey, where everyone can define what is more important for him/her. Of course the survey should ask about the user background (developer or user perspective). That can be interesting (imo).
    BuddyPress Codex survey is rather a good example.

  2. Cool. I didn’t realise he’d changed jobs. 10up sure does seem to be picking up a lot of talent these days.

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