1. Haha! Now really … have you heard of that? It’s really interesting… definitely NOT spam!

  2. @Cristi – LOL Definitely not. But, I didn’t let it through so I guess that makes me an ass :)

  3. Oh, I think they were just trying to get you free ringtones. Can’t fault someone for trying to spread around free stuff :)

    On the other hand, those ringtones really aren’t all that good. If you want the best ring tones, you should check out this site:

    Just kidding :)

  4. Hmm…seems to me that I’ve heard this story some place before. :p

  5. Funny. A sure sign something is spam is when the sender feels the need to tell you it’s not.

  6. Do you think he really expected someone to pass the comment as a legitimate one? Maybe someone with a twisted sense of humor.

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