1. Interesting tie-in, Jeff.

    The Theme Review team are actually in the process – even today – of improving the WPORG Theme Repository uploader validation script. Everyone benefits from automating the process as much as possible!

    Also, regarding tools – several are available, and are linked from the Theme Review Codex page. The two most beneficial tools are both WordPress plugins: Debogger and Log Deprecated Notices. Next, of course, is the W3 HTML/CSS validators. The easiest to use is Unicorn, which combines HTML and CSS validation into a single tool. Also, the entire Theme Review Codex page is thoroughly cross-referenced to the Codex pages for the various required functions, tags, and hooks.

    Everything we’ve been able to think of is there – but of course, if Theme developers have more ideas for how we can better communicate the quality guidelines, or help educate how to implement the guideline requirements (and why various criteria are required vs. recommended vs. optional), we’re always open to such ideas!

  2. … a Theme Validation tool where theme authors could upload their theme and the files along with the code structure can be analyzed for inconsistencies or the use of deprecated functions.

    This “tool” exists, in a sense; it was, and still is, being developed by one of the Theme Review Team members: Simon Prosser. Here’s a link:


    When I am doing WPORG reviews I use this as a “Quick Review” before doing a more standardized review.

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