1. @Kym Huynh – LOL why is that? I see you found a link to this post via WPCandy heh. What did you think I was going to do with that file? Keep it for myself?

  2. I can has lyrics? For all those non english people who can read fairly well but can’t understand as goodly. Plz.

  3. @Ozh – Good idea, I’ll ping Kim to see if he is willing to post the lyrics or give me permission to publish them.

  4. Of course you can haz lyrics.

    It’s 3:30 AM but here… I’ll post them up cause I’m cool like that. ;)

    Digging through my trash, what do I find?
    A little bit of love, it’s suddenly stash
    I gotta admit I was kinda surprised
    But here’s a lot of loving, boo yeah! High five!

    On my way to WordCamp… it’s cool.
    Makes me feel a little funny, makes me want to skip school
    Can’t wait to see the peeps and pick up the freebies
    Just thinking bout it now gives me the heebie jeebies

    Look who it is! It’s Matt Mullenweg
    Gotta recognize yo! Call him Matt… not Fred
    If you give him too much grief, I will hunt you down
    Show the man a little love don’t you give him any frown

    Now this is where the rap ends, I know it’s kinda sad
    But don’t be down baby, don’t even feel bad
    Cause Ima got your back and you gotta recognize
    WordCamp will be back cause WordPress really flies!

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