1. Good riddance. TimThumb was awful for performance and reliability. Every individual page load would require another request and page load (and a heavy one on that) for every single thumbnail, every single time.

  2. @Jake Goldman – I just double checked and Hybrid News actually runs an image script created by Justin Tadlock in 2007 called Get The Image.

  3. @Jake Goldman – I’ve always seen TimThumb as a terrible solution to a very real problem. The thinking behind it was good (provide an easy way to resize images on-the-fly) but the execution was terrible (let’s expose that resizing functionality on the front-end and potentially open up a huge security hole).

    Sad part is, most of the functionality that TimThumb provides, I was able to replicate in a recent plugin entirely using internal WP functions.

  4. @Jeffro – I have been using Get the Image by Justin Tadlock for over a year now and it’s great. Most of Solostream’s themes support Get the Image out of the box also. I have never had problems with Get the Image.

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