1. I do not quite understand what WP No Base Permalink does?

  2. One note about Username – It’s not Multisite safe from what I can see, so please don’t use it on your network :)

  3. Ted Clayton

    WP-GraphViz implements Graphviz, in WordPress.

    Graphviz is open source graph visualization software. Graph visualization is a way of representing structural information as diagrams of abstract graphs and networks. It has important applications in networking, bioinformatics, software engineering, database and web design, machine learning, and in visual interfaces for other technical domains.

    If you are susceptible to this kind of thing, you know who you are. There is no cure.

    You may want to check out their impressive Gallery.

    The Credits page shows a line-up of top-flight people behind Graphviz. That explains it.

    I had seen the previous Graphviz plugin, TFO Graphviz, which has not been updated in over 2 years. This new plugin looks much more promising.

    You should give the plugin FAQ a careful read. Not fatal, but meaningful caveats.

  4. Ted Clayton

    @Christian Foellmann wonders:

    @WPTavernCrew What do you think about the big portion of abandoned plugins in the WP.org repo? A topic worth writing about? No way to transfer ownership if dev is not reachable at all.

    Dusty plugins in the repository are clearly-identified and well-marked. They aren’t being accidentally or deceptively installed.

    When we spot an interesting relic plugin, and decide to ‘try it anyway’, we run the chance of really liking it, and becoming committed to it. If it needs work, and we can’t con someone else into fixing it for us, we might be motivated to learn & do the work ourselves.

    Abandoned plugins are often some amateur’s brief fling. As such, they are by definition beginner & amateur-grade code. When people become expert coders, one of their first projects is to program the castle to pull the drawbridge up behind them, fill the mote, and populate it with crocs. Having the repository amply stocked with dork-ware, serves as a partial antidote for endemic expertitus.

    Both of these dynamics are beneficial for WordPress.

  5. fivera

    Hey Marcus, thanks for mentioning “remove links from comments” plugin in your post.
    I appreciate it. Cheers.

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