1. tom g

    This “Daily Plugin” is awesome bc it saves me time from looking for good ones to use on my clients sites. I love the YouTube Analytics Dashboard one.Someone ask me about something similar and I now have a solution for them. They hated going back to yt to see this now they can do all from dash! They thanked me… so I am thanking you.

  2. Ted Clayton

    Map My Posts

    I’d had a clinical map-jones for a long time, and the condition migrated beautifully to digital GIS, GPS, etc.

    This plugin isn’t much for GIS/Geo-ware — it’s more about a way to organize & navigate Posts, than it is a map-app — but this kind of display seems like it could be helpful in the backend/Admin, for visualization progress with eg curation goals.

    I might be more into how a plugin like this can help me see content-creation holes & coverage, than in how it presents content to the user … though it looks good for that too.

    I do favor using our own maps, but that’s a different topic.

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