1. Ted Clayton


    Words are stored in data/dict.json file.

    I am commonly concerned in the case of plugins of this kind, that they are not accessing another site, for the definition, etc. That the lexicon, in this case, is stored locally.

    That’s a tall order, for a dictionary, in a plugin. It appears, in this case, that the plugin does not come with a lexicon, which means it isn’t ‘really’ a dictionary, until you type all the words that are expected in a dictionary, into it. ;-)

    It might be closer to “Definitions”, or “Glossary”. But given that it’s unencumbered, simple, straightforward … this would be a plugin of interest & use to me.

    The only hitch here, is that I will want the plugin to be associated with terms in the content, rather than doing random displays in the sidebar.


    Like with a dictionary, having the data installed locally is a key thing, but in the case of units-conversion it is less a matter of the size & volume, and more a case of bringing suitable acumen to bear on the compilation of units and their sometimes-oddball relationships. I suspect that there may now be a free library for the data, and one can just make a wrapper…

    This sounds like one I will have to try right away. I am a long-time chem/phys/nuke stoichiometry guy. And recipes sound fun too.

    The others are off my radar, but one ringer & one hand grenade isn’t bad.

  2. ox

    Did you even try Fbar Social before recommending it? It’s sh*t. It does not work.

  3. OX, yes I did. It worked for me, though I did not fully set up all the available social options.

  4. Ted Clayton

    @Marcus Couch

    I sense a trend from you Ted.

    What’s the deal here, Marcus?

  5. Ted Clayton

    @Marcus Couch – Thanks Marcus. I especially like plugins, and am glad to see you working on them!

  6. Some cool plugins in this post, but there is a mistake in the link for Converter, you are linking to the screenshot.

  7. this was actually informative – not like most of what i see online. sharing :)

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