1. Dan Schulz

    Enjoy your vacation, Jeff. And don’t forget that everyone (except me, of course) will demand pictures!

  2. Jeff, have a safe trip and a great time! And yes, pictures are a must!! lol

  3. Have a good vacation!

    I’m taking a mini-vacation myself soon as well, but I could only pull myself away for two days! :mrgreen:

    We’ll be here when you get back…

  4. Hey Jeff,

    Thanks so much for the mention and kind words. I really appreciate it. Have a great vacation!



  5. Enjoy the vacation Jeff. See ya when you get back.

  6. Have a great vacation Jeff, you’ve more than earned it!

    I’ll keep a fire extinguisher handy, but if we run out of beer while you’re gone I can’t make any promises…

  7. Thank you all for the warm wishes, I really appreciate it. 10 hour drive, here I come!

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