1. Cheers for helping get the word out Jeffro, much appreciated.

    The one thing we’re struggling with is time – so things are happening, but just not at the rate we’d like. The more people that can lend their skills, the lighter the load becomes for me and Jeremie and the quicker we can get these themes out the door :)

    Incidently, we’re hoping to have the PigNews beta out soon (how soon is dependent on time constraints) so if anyone willing to lend a bit of their time helping with testing, follow us on twitter (@wpsynergy) or subscribe to our RSS (http://dev.wpsynergy.org/feed/rss/) and you’ll be the first to know about it when its released.

    And sorry about the shameless plug ;)

  2. @Chris – My pleasure Chris. I’m keeping my eyes on the project even if I can’t participate as much as I’d like.

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