1. Glad to help, Navneet.
    Some new features are coming in the next few days.
    Be sure to check the updates.

    Thanks Sarah for the clarification. I will explain how Sunny works alongside with the official CloudFlare plugin in the the description / FAQ.

  2. I don’t know why but this plugin is not working for me. I did everything. I cleared my blog’s minify cache, purged my CDN’s ( maxcdn ) cache, cleared my database cache. But still I am unable to purge my cloudflare’s cache.

  3. I knew someone must have come up with such one and was looking for that, great plugin and thank you for the share :)

  4. Thanks Sarah this is going to be very handy. Specially when setting up cloud flare for client sites.

  5. Bob

    @TangRufus How does your plugin handle sitemaps (HTML and XML) and RSS feeds?

    W3TC typically caches these … so I was wondering if your plugin also purges them when pages/posts/etc are added/modified.

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