1. Thanks for the write-up, Sarah! You really captured the purpose behind Stream.

    We think activity that’s done in the WordPress admin is a big blind spot for a lot of site owners and even freelancers/agencies working with their clients. Stream is an attempt to mitigate that.

    We have more exciting enhancements in the works, so if you’re a developer reading this, do feel free to stop by on GitHub and contribute to the project!

  2. Good plugin but I think ThreeWP Activity Monitor better. Check this out too.

  3. @Sinan İŞLER – Hi @Sinan,

    Can you elaborate on why you think ThreeWP Activity Monitor is better? We’d love to know ways we can improve this plugin.


  4. Whichever plugin “is better,” I’d love to see some pieces of it forked and incorporated into the new Dashboard’s Activity Stream as a Feature Plugin for possible inclusion in Core down the road. That feature was built in the hopes of expansion in the future and one of these plugins could be a great start.

  5. When I started reading the review, I thought “brilliant for larger sites especially those with multiple admin / editor / contributor roles etc” but then got to Sarah’s suggestion of using it for tracking issues on client sites – fantastic use ! Off to have a play and install it on a few of our client’s sites who always claim they havent touched or done anything !

  6. This plugin is great, however, the one thing that put it below the ThreeWP plugin was that it doesnt seem to be as easy to add logging on custom events. Example, all i wanted to add was the ability to log page views by user as they’re moving around the site. With ThreeWP i was able to add a logging action for any wp hook. IS there anywhere i can find reference towards creating my own simple connector for such? Thanks. Great work all the same!

    1. Hi Anthony, I’m interested in logging pageviews withThreeWP, how did you add that function?

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