1. Hi Jeff
    “Can you see yourself using it as the primary method of creating content?”

    Not at the moment for the same reason you mentioned earlier…

    “I’m so used to creating content from the backend, it’s tough to imagine doing it any other way.”

    Plus working in the backend is no great hardship.

    I write all my posts on a local copy of my site and then cut and paste into the live site when everything is finished – change the image URLs and I’m done.


    • Great article Jeff! Keith i think that plugin will benefit new users the most i train people on using wordpress all the time and it very common for me to have to explain the difference between the front and back end repeatedly and even myself and i am very comfortable using the backend editors will often find myself toggling between a front and backend tab when doing certain posts.


  2. In my opinion a front end editor will appeal mostly new WordPress users, and also non technical users that come from a traditional office background. Many people are used to MS Word and WYSIWIG editors and they simply find unnatural having to write a text and not knowing exactly how it will appear to the reader while they are writing it.


  3. I think my novice writers will like it a lot.

    Works well for editors too, I can easily read and edit a story live.

    Can’t use it yet on my main site though, some conflict causing it not to load right. Hopefully we will get that figured out. I’m very excited about getting it going.


  4. I can see the usefulness of this even for more experienced users, the formatting of content / images can often change dramatically between the backend and the theme in use on the frontend & you don’t want to keep switching between the two to see how paragraphs etc line up. Also, as mentioned in the article, typos that get past initial proof reads can be fixed one step quicker, which always helps :-)


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