1. Cool stuff – thanks for sharing! As I’ve been retooling my blog, I want a way to share short little things that I might not want to put on Twitter.

  2. Thanks, for the post! I have a few things to fix before a beta plugin. Currently need users to try the demo from different devices.

    1. I cannot get past the login screen, after filling in the login details it says “Oh dear, you need to fill in all the fields!”
      Using Samsung Galaxy Note 2.3.6

    1. Yeah, I wish it was different, but I don’t get updates (bought phone in HK, live in China)

  3. Awesome idea! I’ll do some more testing with it and have some perfect use cases in mind.

    Is there any thought to have a web-based component to it, or use it only from mobile?

    I know Ryan’s usage idea is more focused, but to Sarah’s comment about the “massive social data silos” – I agree (or hope, at least) that users will eventually get fed up with the crap we take from the social media giants. And I’m all for owning our own data. My concern, however, is that users won’t see disparate, self-owned social apps as a solution, as it’s feasible that they might have to belong to ten or more different networks to collaborate with the different groups of people in their lives. I could easily see creating one for my family, a couple for community groups, likely several for various WordPress sub-communities, and so on.

    If there’s any hope for this kind of thing to replace our current social networks, we need some way to tie them together. Maybe a central web app (and/or mobile app) through which you could access the different networks. Of course, the problem there is, who runs the central app and where is the money coming from to keep it alive? So many questions, but not out of the realm of possibility.

    Back to Status App, specifically – Great work Ryan! I look forward to the additional features.

    1. Awesome feedback, I know the issues with owning social data but having it open as well. There is a project https://joindiaspora.com that was created to address this issue. It never got mass usage because the current data silos are not too awful to use and the majority of people do not care that the data is not portable. Some apps/plugins etc. allow you to post to multiple networks simultaneously making it seem portable.

      When I add in the feature for private messages I will add in a way to display statuses on site. I’m using CPT for the statuses so the data can be manipulated in any way WordPress allows.

      I think networks should be separate as if they were groups. I’m waiting on JSON API to get into WP core before I would even think about adding multiple site access in app. I can see an option to add sites to a list and then a user in app can search for a niche “group” which is just a self hosted app.

      Baby steps…

  4. I think these are awesome first steps and absolutely a step in the right direction.

    As I think about it more, maybe there doesn’t have to be a central “portal.”. Instead, the user could pick one of their networks / self-hosted app as their “home network” and on that app, connect to their other apps via the API. In other words, the portal itself is decentralized. I’m thinking about this in a web-based fashion. As a mobile app, the app itself is of course the portal.

    I’m really excited to see this move forward!

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