1. So in other words: Stargazer facilitates exactly what the Parent-Child Theme relationship was supposed to be, from the very beginning.

    Well done, Justin!

  2. First, Intrepid is a really beautiful child theme. I’m tempted to use it on my own blog. :)

    Thanks for the review. You managed to capture everything Stargazer is about. It found it tough to explain the “why” of the limitations, but you summed it nicely. I also felt that others would also feel too limited, but the only way to get past those limitations is to try your hand at designing a child theme. Once you do that, you can appreciate the system even more.

    @Chip Bennett – Exactly. I remember how awesome it was back in the Sandbox days to just have a stylesheet. You were limited by Sandbox’s structure and features, but you could use it as a canvas to make new designs. We’ve just over-complicated child themes since then. I’m hoping for a bit of a return to the good ol’ Sandbox days. We now just have a few more fun things to work with thanks to more recent WordPress theme features.

  3. Firstly, I find it incredible how you can so thoroughly grasp a brief and secondly, how you can then describe every nuance with such clarity and understanding!

    Thirdly, your Intrepid theme is stunning :)

    Personally, what I’ve learnt from using Stargazer, is to question my habitual/default need to add widgets and page templates to Child Themes which may not always be necessary. Another, is a reminder of what can be achieved by making simple changes. A Custom Header or Background with a few lines CSS can change everything.

    Stargazer really makes customizing easy and fast and as such serves as a great introduction to WordPress theme design and development.

    Again, great theme :)

  4. Thank you for the excellent write up, Sarah. …and Justin, thank you for what feels almost like a ‘new beginning’.

    We just started a WordPress Meetup in Tulsa and are kicking things off with a series on themes. There are so many questions and many of them are hard to answer without a visual. I’m looking forward to showing this to the group digging into the code with everyone.

  5. Sara, any chance Intrepid is avail now? I can’t seem to find it (other than the demo) anywhere. Thanks

    1. Still working on it, actually. I want to put it up on wordpress.org soon – will let you know. :)

  6. photocurio

    the link to Intrepid gives a 404..

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