1. The design remind me of Chun by JustinTadlock. I guess that this theme like any other is based on underscores.

    Anyway, does any one know where the future of thematic? I love that theme but it looks like abbandoned :(

  2. I thought this theme looked quite awful at first glance. But I decided to look more closely this afternoon and I now quite like it.

    1. That was my first reaction as well. It was hard to read the lighter shades of grey font associated with the meta data and I also though the colors were too bright. But after letting my eyes get used to the theme, it looks pretty good. I like the idea of hiding visual parts of the website and if someone wants to see it, they click one of the top buttons.

      That’s one way to have those visual elements without cramming them all onto one page.

      1. I often seem to think themes look awful, then later on they begin grow on me. I hated the 2010/2011 style of themes initially, but now I quite like them.

        1. lol, what do you think of 2014? Still don’t like it or has that grown on you as well?

          1. I didn’t mind that so much. I’ve been using it since the first alpha/beta was released. http://random.ryanhellyer.net/

            I also liked Twenty Twelve immediately too. I didn’t like Twenty Thirteen very much and still don’t.

  3. Great name for a theme “Sorbet” and the subdued colours match the name perfectly.

    Demo blog looks good – nice theme.

  4. Nee support for this theme, how can i add my instragram, facebook and so on to the yellowgreen icon?

  5. I hadn’t noticed those until seeing your comment. It turns out they’re generated by the same technique which Justin Tadlock posted about recently.

    You create a menu with the links, then add that menu as the Social Links menu. Then the theme automatically detects which domain it is and serves the corresponding icon for each social network.

    I have it working on my site now :) http://random.ryanhellyer.net/

    Thanks for pointing out this feature. It’s a really nice touch for them to have added to the theme.

    Thanks to the Automatticians who made the theme!

    1. Great, many thanks Ryan. It perfectly worked out.
      I am totally in love with this theme. Thanks to the designer :)

  6. they also have a nice one on creativemarket, the self hosted version of http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/wire/ gonna wait a while though, I made a mistake of buying an automattic theme in the past (further at $150) 2 weeks later it was announced it was gonna be free as 2014 theme ;)

        1. I’m sorry about what happened with Further, that must have been frustrating for sure.

          Just FYI, Creative Market does give refunds if you contact them with a legitimate reason, and I think this would definitely have been one: https://creativemarket.com/faq#account12

  7. awesome theme by wordpress developers , using this theme on personal blog, working perfect with very less load time

  8. Hi, the Sorbet theme is great, I love it. But, and there’s always a but, I want to hide the tags at the end of every post and I have yet to find a definitive answer on the how to. Any advice?

  9. Great theme. Now using it on my blog http://www.annalyn.net …. but I still have to figure out how to add widgets on my sidebar like Instagram. Greetings from Manila, Philippines!

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