1. This is an interesting development! I agree its a pity that they have had part ways since DevPress is a culmination of 4 brilliant minds. I’m sure it is only a temporary thing in that they will work together again in the future on other projects even if its only 2 of them. Their ideas converged to form DevPress and will no doubt converge again!

  2. Ken

    I wish them all success in the future, and hope this will produce more brilliant and exciting companies and products, rather just one great company.

  3. I see a pun here: “Tung Do … now holds the _reigns_ of DevPress”

    “reigns” in place of “reins” is such an appropriate pun, with Tung Do taking DevPress on solo, that it makes me wish I would make that typo sometime :-)

  4. Jeff, thank you for supporting me. I can finally breathe easy. The first theme has been released.

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