1. rgregory

    I started working with Thematic a while ago, but soon discovered Hybrid and have not looked back. Hybrid offers many more features built in and I just plain like it better. Though Hybrid seems to be taking it’s cues Thematic.

  2. @rgregory – I don’t think Hybrid is taking any cues from Thematic. Just is doing his own thing while Ian does his. I bet if you looked at the code and their underlying framework, they are both probably pretty different.

  3. rgregory

    @Jeffro – I mean that I have seen things on the themeshaper site that show up in themehybrid shortly thereafter. ie, the widget areas map, and then the stripped down minimalistic style that the framework will come in soon.

  4. @rgregory – That might be the case. I know they both have a skeleton child theme, widget maps, etc. It’s going to be tough to be different than the others but I think Ian and Justin both offer something unique to the table.

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