1. Bob Schecter

    Their support makes the fee worth while.

  2. Thanks, Jeff, for the write-up! We had a great time at Grand Rapids and it’s always a pleasure to see that people love what we’re doing!

    Let us know if you ever need anything!


  3. It’s great. The easiest way to work on local environment for WordPress. 5 stars for ServerPress. :)

  4. Mike Perlman

    As an AMP user from way back, I am skeptical about this so I tried to download the free version and their site is down now.

  5. Andrew

    I started using ServerPress a few months ago and it could well be the best $99 I’ve spent this year!

    Used with Duplicator (really good and free plugin) it’s so fast to setup a local dev site and the direct deploy is equally useful for deploying new sites inc. changing URLs throughout sites.

    As Bob says above the support is really excellent too.

  6. Hi Jeffro
    I use XAMPP for local installs and have looked at ServerPress a few times.
    The only problem is that ServerPress and XAMPP can’t be run together so I’d have to move all my XAMPP sites over to ServerPress.

    I understand that at the moment there is no automated method of making this changeover so for the time being… I’m staying with XAMPP.

    If anyone knows of a painless way of making the move I’d gladly buy the premium version of ServerPress.

  7. Keith,

    We do have plans to have an automated mass-move tool for the various AMP stacks out there in future versions. Stay tuned. . .

  8. @Marc Benzakein -I’d buy ServerPress tomorrow if I could move my sites over easilly so yes… I will stay tuned.

    BTW I think that “an automated mass-move tool for the various AMP stacks” would be a great selling feature.

    Thanks for your reply Marc

  9. Len

    @Keith Davis – Hi Keith. I could be wrong but my understanding is you can’t use DesktopServer and XAMPP at the same time because of the services.

    I currently use XAMPP as well however I didn’t use the installer which means I have no services installed. I just extracted the zip and manually start/stop services using XAMPP’s control panel.

    Perhaps Marc can clarify?

  10. @Len
    Hi Len,

    Yes, as long as you do not have both Apache and MySQL installed as services that run natively, then you can use the Xampp control panel to do what you need. The important thing is that you do need to stop each service and restart them after every new local .dev environment installation. It is an added step but it’s not terribly difficult.

  11. Great to see so many people who discovered ServerPress before this article was published. Keep up the great work Marc. Keep in touch.

  12. Jeffro,

    It’s articles like this that help us get the word out so we appreciate it beyond measure!

    I should also give credit where credit is due here. Stephen Carnam is the genius behind DesktopServer, and he truly IS a genius. I’m just lucky enough to be a member of the ServerPress Team!

  13. @Len – and Marc
    Thanks for the info.

    At the moment I start Apache and MySql from the XAMPP control panel each time I want to play with a local site.

    “The important thing is that you do need to stop each service and restart them after every new local .dev environment installation. It is an added step but it’s not terribly difficult.”

    Sounds as though I can use both… but not at the same time.
    That’s no big deal.

    Thanks guys I’ll give the free version a try tonight and if all goes well I’ll check out the paid version.

    Marc you guys also need an affiliate plan.
    I like to pay for the things I buy via affiliate sales and who is better positioned to recommend ServerPress than the guys who are using it?

    Almost forgot…. I like the hat Len, very festive.

  14. @Keith Davis


    An affiliate program is in the works and will be launched very shortly after our new website is launched (we’re talking within a couple of weeks, here, if all goes well).

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