1. Interesting to see that they are contemplating eventually making it possible to simply add a bbPress forum via a shortcode (or similarly simple approach) into a WordPress page. That would certainly boost the popularity of the software.

  2. @Ryan – Yes it is. The hint of possibly replacing the comments form with a bbPress forum thread or something sounds really interesting. The merging of forums and blogging into one system.

  3. @Jeff – I did that with SMF a while back. It’s a nice way to go about doing things IMO as it drags your forum posters into your blog and vice versa. I’ve never actually implemented it live on a site before though. I considered it once, but I was concerned my forum was going to end up with nothing but a bunch of blog comments in it which could distract my regular forum users from the regular topics.

  4. @Ryan – Shortcode for bbPress? That would be awwwwwesome!!!

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