1. This is a really interesting read and I might go and do some changes on my blog. The way it works right now was heavily inspired by Matt’s old way of doing it. But this post might just gave me a couple new ideas for an upcoming redesign.

  2. Interesting implementation, but is it really lifestreaming?

    IMHO, lifestreaming means incorporation of one’s other micro-blogging and social-network activities (e.g. twitter, identi.ca, facebook, flickr, etc.) into one’s blog.

    What the linked article calls “lifestreaming” is really just link-blogging (a la InstaPundit, etc.).

  3. @Chip Bennett – No, it’s not lifestreaming per se. My idea of lifestreaming is literally that. Taking all aspects of your life or most of your online life and streaming it all in one place. I think what his article actually does is provide a way to create more of a Tumblr like atmosphere on top of WordPress.

  4. @Jeffro

    And that’s too bad, because I’d love a succinct way to incorporate true lifestreaming without a fairly heavy plugin (I use Lifestream).

  5. @Chip Bennett

    I replied to you in the comments on the original post. I agree with Jeff, this is more of a Tumblr like approach then what you are referring to and I probably should have named the post more appropriately. With that said, the different terms are often used ambiguously and I am not sure their are clear and established guidelines of what exactly defines “lifestreaming”.

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