1. I dig the twitter url in the custom options for the configuration. That is something my theme did not have already coded and I spent a long time working out positioning and relearning css just to add it.

    Although I have a way better understanding of the 960 system now. So maybe leaving out some options in a theme is good for your users?

    I could actually see myself using this for my business consulting website. I like the rotating space at the top.

  2. very nice theme. i love the dark colours . Like the user above me said i really like the twitter url, looks very flexible too, im reading this in opera and everything seems to work great!
    hope i can give this a shot! awsome job!

  3. Thanks for your review, Jeff! And thanks for the nice comments.

    You are definately right. The deGusto theme is more suitable for blogs/portfolio sites that start from scratch or with less content than your test site. You should definately give deGusto a try on a fresh install :-) Like many other themes (apart from blog themes) that focus on design and layout deGusto needs a little adaptation of the content (length of the teaser text, width of images).

    Gracias mil y saludos de Canarias!

  4. Dominik

    it’s a really nice theme!
    I want to have it because it’s really fantastic and I want to start my own portfolio with this theme.
    Awesome job!

  5. Alex

    I totally love the jquery slideshow, would like to give it a try…

  6. Chuck

    Innovative design options to make a memorable website,
    …..and that is what it is all about!

  7. Thanks for all of the comments. I’ll be giving away the copies sometime this week.

  8. Ok, enough time has flown by that it’s time to announce who will receive a copy of this theme. If I have listed your name, your email address that you supplied to the comment form on this post will be sent to Simon where he will correspond with you in order to get your copy of Degusto.

    Tom Altman
    Brad Gillap
    Alex of Walrat.com

    Thanks for commenting guys. Hopefully, Simon will get you folks soon to send the prize along your way. Last but not least, thanks again Simon for the opportunity to review the theme and reward my readers at the same time.

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