1. themeofthecrop

    This sounds like a great way of gently nudging a client to think about mobile devices. Their MS Word instincts always seem to kick in and when I go back to perform updates I see they’ve tried to cram as much as they can into a menu or a text widget or whatever, completely forgetting that people will be looking at their site on a phone.

  2. I’ve been using the bookmarklet. It’s great to see it’s converted into WordPress plugin!

  3. Thanks for the great review! really chuffed :)

    We find it’s a great tool for getting site editors to consider their content on a range of devices. It is also useful for us when developing a site. One extra bonus is that your developer tools remain at a decent size whilst viewing the smaller screen sizes.

    I hope you all find it useful and a big thanks to Malte Wassermann for the bookmarklet.

  4. While Firefox (and other browsers) have several responsive plugins, it is difficult to get a client to install and use them. The advantage here is it is integrated into the client’s website and makes it easier for the client to understand the value of a responsive theme or mobile design.

    1. pretty sure thats just a setting in the general category, maybe you need buddypress to see that option though.

    2. I am wondering why you would want to offer this to public visitors? It is a testing tool for editors/developers and I cannot see many situations where it would be useful to a site visitor.

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