1. To be honest I’m not all that fussed if the back-end of WordPress is sexy or not. I want and need it to be clean, efficient, functional. And there are plenty of other ‘back-ends’ I would much rather cast my eyes over this spring….

  2. I’m with Viktoria on this one. Sexy often gets in the way of getting things done. Like any backstage it’s a place to work, the stage is the visitor’s side, that’s where the scenery belongs.

    Good example with the current UI is the upper left corner, a sure newbie-baffler if the mouse strays, the Visit Site rollover is a perfect example of a pointless addition to that traffic jam.

  3. @Carl – Sometimes this is true but there is no reason why it can’t be sexy and easily allow users to get things done.

    @Xavier – THANK YOU! I asked all over Twitter and searched Google high and low only to have both platforms wrong. Article corrected.

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