Remembering The Moore, OK, EF5 Tornado Using The AESOP Story Engine WordPress Plugin

Today marks the one year anniversary of the devastating EF5 tornado that ripped through Moore, OK. The twister killed 24 people, seven of which were students when they took cover in The Plaza Towers elementary school.

Early Stages Of The Moore, OK, EF5 Tornado In 2013
Early Stages Of The Moore, OK, EF5 Tornado In 2013

The Norman Transcript, a news publication that serves the Moore, OK, area has published a special website to remember the event using the AESOP story engine WordPress plugin. The site contains several stories and articles of people recounting what happened during that fateful day and the struggles of trying to recover. I highly recommend viewing the content in full screen mode to remove distractions and to take in the full effect of the stories.

One Year Later Table Of Contents
One Year Later Table Of Contents

Reading the publication is a smooth experience, especially in full screen browser mode. The navigation is easy to use and the table of contents are always a mouse click away. The stories are easy to read thanks to the use of large images, pull quotes, and videos. I asked the developer of AESOP Story Engine, Nick Haskins, what he thought about the site:

I think overall it’s a really great use of Aesop Story Engine. The more real-life projects that we see go up, the more insight it gives us into how people are actually using the plugin. You can design it one way, and people will use it in an entirely different way, so it’s really interesting (and important) for us to see how different outfits are leveraging the plugin

This is one of the first examples I’ve seen that shows what AESOP is capable of. Have you seen other examples of AESOP in action? If so, share them in the comments.

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